Breaking the Fear – Anxiety – Pain Cycle:


Breaking the Fear – Anxiety – Pain Cycle:

Many people suffer from dental phobia and choose not to visit the dentist on a regular basis and neglect their oral health. This lapse in routine dental care can lead even a minor dental issue to exacerbate into a major dental problem causing pain and often requiring more invasive (and expensive) treatments. We want to change the narrative of dental health away from this type of episodic care by introducing the concept of comprehensive care to our guests. Regular dental examinations can prevent many of these problems and alleviate unwanted stress.

Studies have shown that heightened anxiety usually leads to increased pain for even ordinary procedures. For patients experiencing extreme anxiety and needing specialized attention, Dr. Patel and Dr. Priya can offer Inhalation Sedation to help you relax. This technique is safe and is well accepted by most patients. All you have to do is ask if can benefit from Inhalation Sedation.

So, if you have not seen a dentist in last six months – call Smile Loft Branch Ave to kick start your smile restoration.

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