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Though few people look forward to fillings, there’s little need to fear the process, and skipping treatment potentially leads to major complications. The dental care experts at Smile Loft Branch Ave. in Camp Springs, Maryland, stay current with contemporary painless dentistry. The dentists mostly can restore your teeth with a tooth-colored filling made of composite resin to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the tooth. Depending on the size of the filling, a different type of restoration such as a crown or a customized restoration called an inlay or onlay may be needed. If you need a filling, call today or book an appointment online.

Dental Fillings Q & A

Why are dental fillings necessary?

While many of your body’s systems have repair and regeneration mechanisms, some incidents of tooth decay go beyond the point of self-healing, and cavities form. These spots then tend to trap food particles and develop bacteria that dissolve tooth enamel, creating a cycle that, if left untreated, may lead to permanent tooth loss.

A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay to its normal function and shape. When dentists give you a filling, they first remove the decayed tooth material, clean the affected area, and then fill the cleaned out cavity with a filling material. By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling also helps prevent further decay.

Fillings have been made from many materials. Gold and other metals have long been used, with a blend called silver amalgam being the most common, using a formulation that dates back over 100 years. Since this blend includes small amounts of mercury, many people are concerned about potential health risks. However, the metals in an amalgam filling create a stable alloy, and there’s no evidence of mercury leaking or causing any health risk.

The metallic look of silver amalgam is, however, unnatural, and it can cause graying of the surrounding tooth enamel. This is one of several reasons why the Smile Loft Branch Ave. team chooses composite resin fillings for their patients.

What are composite resin fillings?

Also called tooth-colored fillings, composite resins provide a finished look that’s much closer to your natural tooth appearance. Composite resin fillings are suitable for use on all teeth because there’s little sign you have a filling.

One drawback of amalgam fillings is that they often require more tooth material be removed to create space large enough to accept a metal filling. Resin fillings are built up in layers, so there’s typically less drilling involved.

What are the advantages of composite resin fillings?

Aesthetics are a major advantage because the appearance of your smile doesn’t change when you have resin fillings. Resins also bind with your tooth via a chemical bond.

Additionally, resins can build up chips and fill cracks and other tooth wear. You don’t need to have a cavity to gain the advantages of resin composite materials.