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The dental care experts at Smile Loft Branch Ave. in Camp Springs, Maryland, want the very best for every patient, and that means making time for your dental emergencies when they arise. Whether it’s an injury to your mouth or pain that comes on suddenly, Smile Loft Branch Ave. should be your first call for prompt care. Don’t wait! Contact the office right now.

Emergency Dentist Q & A

What defines a dental emergency?

Generally, a dental emergency arises if you have a situation that may cause you to permanently lose a tooth or you have extreme pain originating in your mouth. If your emergency meets either criteria, call Smile Loft Branch Ave. immediately.

The staff builds time into the schedule to deal with patient emergencies, so there’s an excellent chance that you may be seen same-day if your emergency occurs during office hours.

What are examples of dental emergencies?

Incidents that create medical emergencies include things such as:

  • Knocked out teeth, particularly if your teeth are undamaged and intact
  • Chipped teeth accompanied by pain, which suggests that the inner core of your tooth is damaged, requiring prompt attention. If there’s no pain associated with the chip, you can usually wait a day or two.
  • Cracked or fractured teeth, which may affect your tooth’s pulp, even if there’s no pain
  • Abscesses or infections, which may be accompanied by a lump or may have no apparent symptoms beyond pain

What steps can I take after I call my emergency dentist?

In the event a tooth is knocked out completely, it may be possible to replace the tooth into its socket to preserve it. Handle the tooth by its crown only, not the roots, and rinse it gently. Don’t remove any tissue attached to the tooth. Place the tooth back into its socket with gentle pressure only, and bite down gently to hold it in place.

If you can’t get the tooth back into its socket, keep it between your gums and cheek if you’re on the way to Smile Loft Branch Ave. immediately. Otherwise, keep the tooth in a small container, moistened with milk.

If you’ve suffered trauma that’s damaged one or more teeth, gently rinse your mouth with warm water and use cold compresses to minimize swelling. If you need pain relief, take acetaminophen orally, not aspirin or other pain relievers with blood thinning properties. Applying a painkiller directly to the injured area may burn gum tissue, so avoid this treatment method.

Abscesses or infections may be life-threatening. There are no self-care methods to deal with these and you should seek dental or medical attention as soon as possible.